Monday, May 3, 2010

Front Row

My wife bought tickets to last night's Santos-Pumas playoff game in Torreón, without either of us realizing that they were front-row seats. The front-row experience in soccer isn't quite like it is in hockey, but that was still a nice surprise. When you stand up during the action, instead of yelling "Down in front", the call is, "Here comes the water!". And if you repeat the mistake, "Here comes the urine!". I'd never been close enough for anyone to really care if I was standing in the past.

I was trying to catch Oswaldo Sánchez fully extended in mid-leap during warm-ups, but it turns out doing action photography after a couple of pints with a small digital camera isn't too easy, so the above shot is the closest I came.

The new stadium, by the way, is great.

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