Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Drinking Age

The PRD turns 21 today. If we were going to compare it to a real person, I'd say the PRD is like one of the Tenenbaum kids.

Yesterday, Jesús Ortega wrote about the re-foundational congress to mark the occasion:
There weren't, as many expected, ruptures or irresponsible denunciations: the re-foundational congress is the best example of the perredistas' intentions being to improve, work, and come together to the benefit of the citizens. True, we have to push back against a bad perception, but I am sure that the re-foundation will be the beginning of a better PRD.
Maybe so, but it's certainly not there yet. And electorally speaking, it's hard to see when the PRD will be better than it was in 2006. The problem for Ortega is that his version of "better" seems like a synonym for less successful.

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