Sunday, May 30, 2010

Politicians as Pugilists

Sounding not unlike a confident boxer predicting a second-round knockout during the weigh-in, PRI leaders Emilio Gamboa and Beatriz Paredes both predicted a clean sweep in the 12 gubernatorial races this July. César Nava responded with following rejoinder: "We'll see on July 5th". I read rather than listened to Nava's comments so it's hard to guess if there was fear in his voice, but that sounds roughly in line with what you'd expect from the no-hope challenger coming to collect a paycheck and hoping to acquit himself adequately, but without any expectation of winning. He also predicted that Xóchitl Galvez would be in the lead in Hidalgo within 15 days.

In other polling news, Mitofsky says that the PRI candidate is up eight points over his PAN/PRD opponent, which is a four-point shift in the PRI's direction since the previous poll.

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