Thursday, May 6, 2010

Arizona Odds and Ends

UNAM has cut ties with the University of Arizona. El Universal reports that the number of cities considering legal action against the state of Arizona, from Tucson to Boston, is growing, as is support for a boycott of the state. Also, Sonora enjoyed a tourist-industry economic surplus with Arizona of about $31 million in 2009. I'm not quite sure what that's supposed to demonstrate, but the factoid was everywhere today. In any event, you have to think it's going to keep rising.

Lastly, this piece excoriating Felipe Calderón and Mexico's economic and political leaders for failing to alleviate the conditions that drive mass immigration (i.e., Mexico's poor labor market and its poverty relative to the US) says that 865,000 Mexicans with a college degree or better live in the US, making Mexico the fourth largest exporter of intellectual talent in the world, after China, India, and the Philippines, of all places.

Also, Daniel Hernandez has an interesting post on this.

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