Monday, May 24, 2010

On the Arizona Law

It took me a little while, but here's an article on it.


Anonymous said...

Even in this most biased reproach of the bill that was passed into law which quotes extremist views from people in support of the law who have not read it much like the illegal aliens picketing with signs calling American citizens Nazis and racists it still failed to circumvent the fact that they are criminals. Which is what an ILLEGAL immigrant is until both the state and federal laws are revised or declared unconstitutional regardless of why they're here or what they're doing.

There are legitimate ways of gaining access to work (H1B or H2B for $50) or reside (green card) in the USA. Those who choose to ignore these options don't deserve to be granted clemency just because there are a lot of Mexicans that have crossed illegally. It undermines the people who deserve to be here who went through the proper channels and can be held accountable for their actions in my country.

If I wanted to work or live in Mexico you can be sure I would apply for the proper identification and paperwork and learn Spanish before I crossed the border. When I did visit I brought my passport and showed it to the authorities as required.

- American citizen of Arizona who is tired of having their house and car broken into, damaged, and possessions stolen by illegal immigrants who think they deserve more rights than law abiding citizens & immigrants who belong here.

pc said...

Hi Anon, thanks for reading. Re the idea that it's biased, I agree. It's an opionion piece, not a news story. Whether or not the views in favor of the bill are extremist I'll leave to someone else, but we're talking about (among others) the politician who signed it into office. That's not cherry-picking. Whether or not she's extremist, she's fair game.

While I sympathize about you getting your car or your broken into, I don't think SB 1070 can be in any way construed as a reasonable approach to petty crime.

Thanks again for reading.