Tuesday, May 25, 2010

At Long Last: A PAN Lead

The PAN candidate for governor in Tlaxcala, Adriana Dávila, has opened up 0.7 point lead over her PRI opponent, well within the margin for error (and therefore still a statistical tie), yet it's the first lead of any sort that I've seen in any of the governors races this summer.


David said...

Wow! Funny how the PRI can win almost everywhere else, but not in the home state of party president Beatriz Paredes. (Other than Tlaxcala, the PRI doesn't win in D.F. or Baja California Sur ... that's probably about it.)

pc said...

Yeah that's really ironic. It kind of reminds you of Harry Reid or Tom Daschle, only she's not losing her seat because of it.