Thursday, May 20, 2010

Entertaining Old Story

In honor of Mario Villanueva's extradition, Jorge Fernández Menéndez wrote about the following incident last week:
A week before his flight, Villanueva went to what then was my personal office. He had threatened me on various occasions for the investigations that had done about the relationship with between his administration and drug traffickers. When his bodyguards literally took over my office, I thought the worst, but Villanueva arrived that day already defeated. There were no threats but rather explanations from a man who rolled his tie between his fingers and said that everything that had been said about his businesses was true but that he had not participated in drug trafficking. I told him that was the accusation from the federal government, the army, the DEA, a court in New York. After 15 minutes he left. Days later, he was a fugitive.

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