Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A New Reason to Root for the Suns

Or against them, I suppose, if you're in favor of Arizona's new law or against the mixing of sports and politics:
The "Los Suns" jerseys the Phoenix Suns wear annually for the NBA's "Noche Latina" program just went from marketing gimmick to political statement.

And a playoff series with a narrative already worthy of The History Channel just added a subplot that would make for a rowdy segment on Fox News Channel.

In announcing the Suns would wear their Spanish jerseys for Game 2 against the San Antonio Spurs -- which falls on the Mexican holiday known as Cinco de Mayo -- Suns owner Robert Sarver went out of his way to knock Arizona's controversial immigration enforcement law known as Senate Bill 1070.

Good for Sarver. The only time we're used to seeing pro sports team owners take a public stance on a political legislation is when there's a stadium funding bill on the ballot. But something has gotten into Sarver. In the Suns' 111-102 victory over the Spurs in Game 1 on Monday night he was on his feet, exhorting the crowd to make more noise. Now he's jumping into this divisive issue.
I guess this makes Sarver the anti-Donald Sterling.


don quixote said...

Good post pc, I have been calling for a boycott of all things Arizona including the Suns. THe owner of the Suns basketball team is one of the big money guys in the Arizona Republican Party aka The White Peoples Party of Arizona and is thereore very suspect, what are his real motivations? Money?
But I saw Steve Nash (who is a Canadian citizen), and Amare Stoudamire really come out against the Racist, profiling Arizona #1040 and with more than a little passion on thier parts. Evidently the whole SUns team is against the xenophobic law.
I got to admit I'm waffling, and as a basketball fan (I've had my LA Lakers Los Laker's shirt since last years playoffs).
Hijo de la chingada! WHat to do?
On the one hand a Boycott of Arizona should be a total boycott, que no? But on the other hand these guys on the SUns (owner excluded, I'm still suspicious), are very gracious and sympatico to the cause of Mexicanos and all Brown people in Arizona.
And in a way I would love to see my Lakers kick Los Suns ass's in the Western Finals and that would really piss off the Arizona posse members.
Any advice on this would be appreciated.
Hey is this the "Ask Abby" column or what? LMFAO!

don quixote said...

Hey pc, Arizona is in trouble now, El Machete has a Cinco De Mayo message for them and is coming to make things right, with Jessica Alba no less, (I guess she's finally copping to being Mexican, I hear her family is from Zacatecas.
Once Robert Rodriguez and Machete finish off Sheriff Joe Arpayaso and his posse I hear he's going after Lou Dobbs and Tom Tancredo next.
Go Lakers! Boycott Arizona

pc said...

I heard about that movie, the law is great news for the Rodriguez from a marketing standpoint. Horrible for anyone with an accent in Arizona, of course, and reprehensible from a moral standpoint, but still he scored with the timing of it. Conspiracy theorists are surely suspecting that he was actually behind the law.

Re the basketball, I can't help you, anything other than a Lakers title will be fine by me.