Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maciel Stories Spilling Out

The spokesman for a Legionnaires of Christ victims group says that Marcial Maciel spent up to 50,000 euros a day, and would take the Concorde from Europe to the US just to have his teeth cleaned. He also says that he has collected evidence from 200 people who were abused by Maciel, and that his MO was always the same:
Maciel always tried to pass himself off as sick, and then he would call a brother to tell him that he had stomach pains and he explained that the Pope had permitted him to have some nuns give him massages to relieve his pain, but as there were none around, he had to fall back on other people.
Not a huge surprise, but the more and more you read about him, the more the psychopath label fits. He seems like the leader of a cult or a Banana republic. Of course, labeling him a psychopath makes it seem as though he was a freak of circumstance, but what's the not-psychopathic Church's excuse for letting him operate for so many years?

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