Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's to Come This Summer

I've not mentioned this, but surprising no one, the PRI ran away with the local elections in Yucatán this Sunday. Jorge Fernández Menéndez (who continues to amaze me with the sheer quantity of clauses with which he clutters his sentences; it's like there's a running game between he and Roy Campos, who has the same tendency) says that we can expect more of the same in July, something I completely agree with:
The election in Mérida served as a sort of rehearsal for what will happen next July 4th. The PRI, as it happens, has recovered that historic position that was the PAN's for the last 20 years, and it has achieved it with a combination that it is already using in all of the states where there will be an election: a could candidacy, that doesn't provoke conflicts with the sitting government; support from the state government; a great capacity for operation and mobilization, all against a panismo with questions about its candidates (was Senator Beatriz Zavala the best option for Mérida?), an operating structure that, even in areas as PAN-friendly as Mérida, leaves much to be desired and that, as though it were in search of its identity, doesn't know whether or not to buttress itself with the federal government, and forgets that in fact many of these elections aren't strictly local but are rather a form of referendum on the state governments, but also the federal.

It will be very different for the results of July 4th to be very different from those we had in Yucatán in general and Mérida in particular.

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