Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chapo's Wife Arrested

Chapo Guzmán's wife Griselda Pérez has been arrested in Culiacán.

It's interesting that this is being treated as a victory for the government, but they don't mention any potential crime that she committed. It seems likely that she was detained because she is Chapo's wife (and that's certainly the only reason this is news), but marrying a criminal doesn't necessarily make you one. I'm not saying she's innocent (I don't remember reading much of anything about her one way or the other), but arresting someone principally because of her spouse is a good way to further the notion that war on drugs is not a matter of a legitimate force (the government) fighting an illegitimate one (narcos), but rather is just a war among different interest groups.

This should, however, take some of the heat of Calderón for protecting Chapo, although I imagine it won't be long before people start spinning this as Calderón doing Chapo a favor because he was sick of her and wanted to hang out with his girlfriends more.

Update: Rendering pretty much all of the above moot, she was let go. Also, Beith (as well as Richard in comments) says that there marriage was mostly a thing of the past.


Richard said...

So that's what was going on yesterday... the humongous military convoy passing through Maz headed for Culiacán was enough to make everyone nervous. They were carrying tanks, to arrest a semi-ex wife?

pc said...

Nothing like an army convoy to get your attention. Crazy, they had tanks? You never know, the lady might have come out like Rambo. I wonder if they thought they had Chapo himself.