Monday, May 24, 2010

Polling the PRI's Resurgence

Excélsior talked to voters about the victory for the PRI in the Yucatán elections, and found that despite the party's good fortune, negative opinions of it continue to grow. Fifty-two percent of the party's respondents said that the PRI hasn't changed and that it is winning because of other parties' errors, en eleven-point jump since the PRI won local elections in Guerrero in 2008. During the same time period, the percentage of people who think that the PRI has renovated itself has dropped from 50 to 41 percent. Asked about the PAN's inability to win, 69 percent pointed to disappointment with Calderón as the most important reason.


David said...

You might check out the Maria de las Heras numbers on the Paulette case impacting the PRI's "gallo" for 2012, Enrique Peña Nieto. It's just one poll, but it should give the PRI pause.

pc said...

Wow, you're not kidding, that's a potentially worrying piece of polling. Between this and questions about his wife's death (which, unfairly or not, will certainly get more play once the campaign starts), Peña Nieto has some serious baggage.