Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trolling for Reaction to Los Suns

Here's the reliable Mark Krikorian:
As though millionaire ball-bouncers who live in gated communities and depend on illegal-alien pool cleaners are in any position to render judgment on the insecurities of ordinary Arizonans. Not to mention a foreigner, Nash, lecturing Americans on their laws; if this were Mexico, he'd already be on a plane back to Canada.
Exaggerating the severity of Mexico's own immigration laws has been a significant part of the strategy to justify the laws. While they surely aren't perfect (though the laws themselves are less of a problem than extra-legal abuse of immigrants passing through Mexico), this is beside the point. The US's immigration laws should be considered on their own merits, as, of course, should Mexico's. In any event, Krikorian is really off here. To take but one example, I criticize Mexico's laws all the time, and I've never been frog-marched back to the United States. But, you may be saying, Steve Nash's exploits draw just a bit more attention than anything you write, and you use a pseudonym on your blog. Fair points both, but the case of the most recent example of a famous foreigner ripping Mexican policy indicates were I more famous, the only difference would be that I would be invited to Los Pinos to discuss my differences.

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