Sunday, May 2, 2010

More on the Tec Students

You may remember a major scandal last month when two students outside of the prestigious Tec de Monterrey were killed in the midst of a series of confrontations between the army and drug traffickers in Monterrey. The government initially claimed that the students were criminals, and it was university who officials who wound up debunking that myth. Now the PGR says that the bullet that killed one of the students didn't come from the army. A spokesman for the agency actually offered a long, detailed explanation of how the students were killed in a crossfire, but unfortunately the explanations comes almost six weeks after the event and after a series of misstatements referred to above, so the potential benefit of such a long, detailed explanation has been undermined a great deal.


don quixote said...

I know this is off topic pc but did you happen to see that fiasco of a fight last night?
I've been a fight fan for decades and I think I know when the fix is in when I see it. What happened to Mosely? He never showed up after that wild haymaker he landed on Mayweather, then he practically fell all over himself apologizing the rest of the fight by touching gloves constantly and trying to make nice. Mosley was throwing pitty pat punches with no power in them all night, Mayweather is no champ, can you imagine Sugar Ray Robinson, Ali, Roberto Duran, TOmmy Hearns and what they would have done to Mosely if they smelled blood in the water? SHeeeit!
And to top it off after the fight while being interviewed by Larry Merchant, Mosely starts kissing Mayweather's ass and starts pleading about Pacman and for him to subject himself to Mayweathers demands for him to submit to a Mayweathe fight day drug and blood test so the fight can be put together.
Fix!! And especially knowing Mosely as part of Golden Boy Promotions signs Mayweathers paycheck!
Boxing is getting worse than wrestling.
But that red headed Mexicano Saul ALvarez sure looked good.

pc said...

I caught the Mexican feed of the card, so I missed the interview. I was really disappointed with Mosley. Easy for me to say since I wasn't getting hit, but he just looked like he didn't have the offensive game plan. He needed to jab with more authority, and more frequency. Way too many pitter-pat combos. Not much body work. And he didn't move his head much at all. I think the guy who's going to beat Mayweather is going to have to be someone who moves his head (which Pacquiao does pretty well) because Mayweather's so precise, or someone taller. The holding was horrible early on too.

I thought we saw the good and the bad of Alvarez. He's been on Mexican tv maybe right or ten times that I've seen, and I think he definitely gets hit too much, and he sometimes falls too in love with counter-punching with one punch instead of building an offense, but he's a dynamic, powerful puncher, and a hell of a lot of fun to watch even if he doesnt turn into a longtime champ. I've also seen him run out of gas, but that didn't look to be the case last night. And he's young so there's lots of time to improve.