Saturday, June 5, 2010

Worst Boss of the Week

That would be Chivas, which denied Javier Hernández's dad (who is the coach of their reserve team) permission to watch his son play in the World Cup. In response, the elder Hernández, a Mexican national teamer who himself scored a goal in the 1986 World Cup, quit:
"I asked for permission to go to the World Cup, and they didn't allow me," Hernandez told reporters. "I had to think about it for two days with my family and kids and I made the decision to quit because I want to go to the World Cup and see my kid play. Work is secondary.

"It was difficult, but in the end one is not eternal. Institutions remain for lives and one doesn't. Moments from your life is what makes you take that decision. I understand the institution and that no one is above it, but one is also just here in passing."
Good for him. Shame on Chivas.

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