Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Calderón on the Tamaulipas Assassination

Here's a snippet of the speech:
These acts fill all Mexicans with grief and indignation.

I have contacted the President of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, Beatriz Paredes Rangel, as well as State Governor Eugenio Hernández Flores, to offer them Federal Government’s unconditional support in clarifying these unfortunate events.

We will work without cease with the state authorities of Tamaulipas to find the culprits and bring them to justice.

These events constitute an attack not only on a citizen, who sought to serve his community from a position of public responsibility, but also on society as a whole.

This is an act, not only against a political party candidate, but against democratic institutions and is therefore an act that demands a firm, united response from all of us that believe in democracy.

We have analyzed these events in Federal Government’s Security Cabinet and have already assigned tasks to each of the departments to reinforce the investigation being undertaken by the authorities and of course to help the Tamaulipas authorities with electoral process and the security this will require.

As I have said, today organized crime poses the greatest threat to Mexicans’ safety, freedom and tranquility. It is an enemy that knows no limits, that severely damages society as a whole and jeopardizes peace, security and our institutions.

That is why the fight for security and justice and against crime must be a fight that goes beyond political parties and differences. It is everyone’s fight. That is why we are all determined to ensure that such perverse interests do not take over our society or institutions.

It is a fight by everyone, in particular those of us that represent citizens at any government level and in any branch.

Today, we have proved that organized crime is a permanent threat and that we must close ranks to address it and prevent the repetition of actions such as the cowardly assassination that has shaken the country.

The fight for security demands joint responsibility and the determined participation of all orders of government, the three branches of government and society as a whole.

Events such as the one we profoundly regret today are a reminder that we are facing a common enemy and that we cannot cease our efforts to fight it.

And this is precisely the reason why Federal Government is using all the force of the state to combat organized crime, particularly in the state of Tamaulipas and other states in the country.

In addition to being our obligation, it is an unavoidable commitment to families’ well-being and Mexicans’ future.

We cannot and must not allow crime to impose its will and perverse rules, as it is attempting to now by intervening in citizens’ decisions and electoral processes.

The only way to achieve citizens’ peace and freedom is to face organized crime fairly and squarely until it is defeated. Because the fight against law and order is precisely to defend Mexicans’ life, integrity and rights.

In their attempt to control territories, criminals have sought to intimidate not only other criminals and criminal groups but also the authorities and society by committing a series of crimes that seriously harm everyone.

Federal Government, through myself, confirms its commitment to acting firmly, precisely to preserve citizens’ safety and the stability of institutions.

We must combine forces above and beyond political and party interests. This fight is everyone’s and for the benefit of all.

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