Thursday, June 24, 2010


The race in Puebla (where 10-year-old tapes of the sitting priísta governor, the ever-more-detestable Mario Marín, having inappropriate conversations with a 17-year-old girl recently emerged in the media. This follows credible allegations of protecting a child pornographer and kidnapping a journalist) may have swung against the incumbent party. Milenio has the PAN-PRD candidate for Marín's post opening a two-point lead over the PRI's man. Two previous polls from the same pollster put the PRI candidate up by nine points. July 4 is not probably not going to be a positive day for the PAN, with somewhere between nine and 12 of the governor's races that day likely to go against them, but a defeat of Marín would be no small consolation.

Update: However, Mitofsky has the PRI candidate still up by ten, so maybe Milenio's is just a one-off outlier.

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