Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making Up, Halfway

Today Felipe Calderón met with Fidel Herrera, he of the "total fucking power" in Veracruz. Herrera came out of the meeting clarifying that the parties guilty of taping him were neither Calderón nor Fernando Gómez Mont, but rather César Nava, a declaration that was likely Calderón's chief goal in making the trip. Whether or not Herrera was guilty of a crime doesn't seem to have come up in the comments afterward from either man, which lends credence to the theory put forth by José Antonio Crespo that the PAN (especially Calderón) won't seek to punish Herrera legally (though of course electorally it will indeed do so), because it will radically change the rules by which the game is played, which is to say that it will only open the PAN up to similar charges in the future. And the mutual back-scratching continues, much to the dismay of a cynical population.

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