Monday, June 21, 2010

Crime Polling

Today brought with it another installment of the periodic polling on public perceptions of Calderón's crime policies in Excélsior. There's nothing too shocking; in a nutshell, the public is slightly more pessimistic about the efficacy of Calderón's strategy than in the past (59 percent say the situation is out of control, compared to 31 who disagree; as recently as April, those numbers were even). At the same time, they are still in favor of it by a wide margin (58 in favor, 37 against; the high-water mark for those in favor in the Excélsior poll was 80, reached in early 2007 and early 2008). The poll was taken last week, just after a run of massacres around the country that received a lot of press (including the most deadly day in Calderón's term), so some of the drop in support might be temporary.

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