Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hidden Mic

Someone taped Fidel Herrera, governor of Veracruz and potential PRI presidential candidate, making references to what appears to be his inappropriate and perhaps illegal involvement in the campaign to determine his successor. Among the more embarrassing comments: he said of the PRI's candidate, Javier Duarte, that he "anda muy reapendejado", which could be roughly translated as, "He has his head way up his ass"; in the course of the same conversation, he encouraged his interlocutor to plagiarize a campaign jingle; he told a candidate for a local race who complained of lack of funds to come see him, and promised to get him some T-shirts; and he said, in apparent reference to the races, "Right now I have total fucking power; I have the government in my hand".

Duarte has thus far been way in front of his opponents, but one wonders if this scandal will be enough to take the (total fucking) power out of the PRI's hands. You also have to think it bumps Herrera down on the list of potential presidential substitutes should Peña Nieto falter.

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