Monday, June 21, 2010

More Highlights from the English World Cup Experience

Silly announcers aren't just an American phenomenon:
If England go out, the pundits will have to talk about something else, and on current evidence they appear singularly incapable of doing so. "Slovenia have only been around for two decades and stats are hard to come by," Gary Lineker said by way of explaining his own lack of insight on England's next opponents. Someone needs to tell him that the 30-year rule doesn't apply to Wikipedia.

Worse, on the BBC's part, was the decision to send Alan Shearer into the Guguletu township. Who saw that one ending well? Nonetheless, into the valley of death rode the Polite Brigade, and the results were even more excruciating than anticipated. "When you were segregated, how did you feel about that?" Shearer asked one bemused elderly man.

It got better. Shearer then interviewed a local rapper and, as she talked about her murdered brother, a community worker, you could see Shearer, hands in pockets, frantically trying to summon some emotion. "They erected this bench in his memory," she said, her voice tinged with grief. "Great," Shearer replied.


malcolm beith said...

nice. Shearer always was one for compassion/empathy. thought you might enjoy this joke anecdote, too:
The England team visited an orphanage in Cape Town today. "It's heartbreaking to see their sad little faces with no hope" said Jamal, aged 6.

pc said...

hahahha poor guys. I sure hope they get out of the round and we see an explosion from Rooney at some point. Too much talent for them to be bounced out of such an easy group.