Sunday, June 13, 2010

France Awaits, Uneasily

With Thursday's contest against France to go a long way toward determining whether or not Mexico moves on in the World Cup or comes home, I'd say that the former nation's captain blaming horn-blowing and lack of sleep for his team's performance in the opening game and one of its most decorated legends slamming the offensive effort in the same match fall under the classification, Good News. Here's a great quote from the latter (Just Fontaine, still the record-holder for goals in a single Cup):
Ribery? One day, we made the stupidity of saying that he was the brains of the team and since then he has believed it.

Update: More along those lines from Zidane:

"They didn't play together and it was more a case of individual efforts," Zidane said. "The players must take responsibility for themselves, move themselves. You have to be straight with each other."

"[Domenech] is not a coach. He picked his squad and he has to make them play together. You must put your ego to one side and work together. Teamwork is the most important thing, and that's not what we saw during the [Uruguay] match."

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