Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Torre Cantú Commentary

Jorge Fernández Menéndez on Torre Cantú's reputation for honesty:
Rodolfo Torre Cantú was a local politician with a strong presence, he had been coordinator of the deputies in his state but he was a doctor by training and had been a recognized secretary of health in the cabinet of Eugenio Hernández. He wasn't known, there wasn't any official or unofficial information about Torre Cantú being linked to drug traffickers.
He also says that a short bit before Colosio was killed, he kicked the brother of Juan García Abrego, then the reigning Tamaulipas kingpin, out of a dinner held in his honor, something I don't ever remember hearing before.

Leo Zuckerman worries that Mexico is sinking even lower, and that the only thing separating Mexico from Colombia in the 1980s is a bombing campaign. This seems exaggerated (the Farc and other guerrilla groups, not to mention about 600 degrees of magnitude are also missing), but it's forgiveable. It does indeed seem like a dark new day.

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