Friday, June 25, 2010

Jan Brewer's Favorite Italian

There seems to be no need to point out why this is stupid:
As the fallout from Italy's humiliating World Cup exit starts, politicians have jumped on the bandwagon, with Roberto Calderoli, a minister who belongs to a right-wing anti-immigration party, accusing "luxury immigrant" footballers as being the cause of the crisis.

"They are paid millions, have legs made of jelly and are short of breath," ranted Calderoli. "This defeat brings the torment of our national side to an indecorous and predictable end.

"Italy's premature elimination is merely the result of an insane sports policy which has seen the league, the cup and the Champions League being won by teams who do not have a single Italian, including the coach.

"Unfortunately for [Italy coach Marcello] Lippi, luxury immigrants can't play for the national side and today's result is the logical consequence of this fact. We need to get our own home-grown lads playing in our clubs."

If it gets more press, will this story make American right-wingers reconsider their aversion to soccer?


pjk said...

I've seen similar comments about the French. When the going gets tough, blame the brown folks.

pc said...

Yeah France's immigrant class, that Zidane guy for example, definitely brought the team's performance way down.

Congrats on the baby.