Friday, May 27, 2011


Ravi Ubha's five reasons that Man Utd. will come away as champs on Saturday include the eight or so minutes that Man Utd dominated play in 2009 (never mind the 82 that Barça beat the pants off of Ronaldo and co.), Barça giving up a single headed goal (to Ronaldo in the King's Cup final, with both teams gassed in the 103rd minute), Van der Sar being better than Valdez (very disputable, and probably irrelevant as both of them are good enough that goalie play will not likely be the difference maker), the availability of Darren Fletcher (who is, what, their seventh-most influential player?), and the site of the game: London's Wembley, where the largest contingent may well be Man Utd-hating Englishmen.

Manchester may well beat Barça, though I doubt it, and that's not a convincing case in any event.

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