Thursday, May 26, 2011

Potential Problem for Peña Nieto

Jorge Chabat thinks that Peña Nieto's ho-hum efforts to improve the quality of the State of Mexico's police will bite him in the presidential race:
The battle for the presidency is just beginning and surely we will see a lot of back and forth from the candidates. Nevertheless, the issue of security is inevitable and there Peña Nieto has a hole the size of Sumidero Canyon. Th fact that he hasn't finished the process of police certification will be without a doubt one of the topics of the campaign, as Luis Felipe Bravo Mena demonstrated in the debate that he had with Alejandro Encinas and Eruviel Ávila on Denise Maerker's program. And there Peña Nieto had better have a good explanation. Any other way, the public image he has constructed of a politician that fulfills his pledges will collapse like a house of cards.
I hope he's right, but I'm not so sure; high-profile, conspicuous evidence of Peña Nieto's governing shortcomings have been plainly evident for years, yet he remains hugely popular. I don't know that the somewhat ephemeral issue of police certification will be a difference maker.

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