Monday, May 23, 2011

Calderón's Pick?

Bajo Reserva suspects that Ernesto Cordero isn't really Calderón's pick to be president. The reasons seem to be that he's just not a forceful personality, and he's not winning anyone over as he meets with businessmen and politicians, ostensibly to build the ties that would help lift him to the nomination. They report that there is evidently growing speculation that the Calderón's real pick is waiting in the wings, and will step forward at some point. That seems unlikely to me; what would Calderón possibly have to gain by using Cordero as a decoy and giving everyone else a jump on his true candidate. More likely, it seems, Cordero just hasn't set the world on fire.


Seymour T said...

Yes the PAN hasn't really come out strong for any one yet.

her is a piece on what happened in Tamulipas.

pc said...

I'm not quite sure of the connection of the Osorno piece to the PAN's presidential jockeying, but interesting nonetheless, as Osorno's writing usually is.