Monday, May 16, 2011

Polls, Polls

Buendía y Laredo and Mitofsky have new polls out on the presidential possibilities. As far as the former survey, Enrique Peña Nieto wins in a wash against any of the possible combination of candidates. The closest anyone gets to him is 33 points, courtesy of AMLO, with Alonso Lujambio coming in third. Paredes, in their projections, also sweeps all of the races, though by less overwhelming margins (including just 12 points when paired with Santiago Creel). The PRI is also improving in voter identification and on the generic party ballot. The only priísta with bad news is Manlio Fabio Beltrones, who loses each of the races they poll, though narrowly. (Does it strike anyone else that if no one was actually polled and Peña Nieto was asked to write the results to the poll himself, they probably would have come out the exact same way?)

Mitofsky has the PAN down to a two-horse race, with Creel slightly ahead of Josefina Vázquez among the population at large, and 14 points up among panistas. In the PRD, AMLO has a 55-point lead among the party faithful, a two-point lead among the rest. And Peña Nieto is more than 80 points up on Beltrones among the PRI, with the lead shrinking to a nail-biting 50 points among the whole sample. As is the case for virtually everyone, Mitofsky has the PRI as the most popular party, but unlike Buendía y Laredo's, this poll shows the good opinion of the PRI declining in recent months.

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