Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Final Clásico

Hopefully, we have no diving, no racist epithets perhaps being tossed about by either team, and another goal from Messi as brilliant as the one above. More from Brian Phillips here.

With regard to Busquets and Marcelo, I've watched the video a number of times and it just doesn't seem like he's saying "Mono" to me. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but his mouth doesn't seem to form the "n". Also, he seems to bend his lips in such a way that suggests a dipthong. Plus, it's weird that Real waited a week to launch the accusation; you'd think Marcelo would have said something after the next game. Furthermore, in Mexico "mono" wouldn't be the insult; you'd be more likely to say "chango" if you wanted to be a racist. (Maybe it's different in the Old World, though.)

Then again, Barça's been awfully quiet about it, and Busquets definitely looks like he's saying something inappropriate, so who knows.

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