Friday, May 13, 2011

Peña Nieto in Washington

During a visit by the governor of Mexico State to Washington, Rep. Henry Cuellar said the following:
I don't stick my news into Mexican politics. But in my opinion, and I am good at predicting, the next president will be [Cuellar points at Peña Nieto].
Only a politician could think that predicting Peña Nieto's election makes him good at predicting. Anyone with access to an opinion poll and eyes can see that he's the odds-on favorite. Cuellar at last year's Thanksgiving meal:
Family! I think, and I remind you that I'm good at predicting, that this turkey will taste like turkey. [Eats] It does! See how smart I am?
Peña Nieto also complained that someone was engineering a smear campaign against the PRI outside of Mexico, impugning their honesty in fighting organized crime:
I couldn't say who is responsible for this campaign. But someone has because what is very clear is that, when we have been with congressmen, someone has sowed this doubt, this suspicion [of possible pacts between the PRI and the drug cartels]", said Peña Nieto.
Peña Nieto seemed to want to say Calderón responsible, and he may well be badmouthing the PRI across the country. But Peña Nieto should also recognize the role of history in sowing "this suspicion".

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