Friday, May 6, 2011

Better in Juárez?

Chihuahua Governor César Duarte says that the number of murders in Juárez declined by 60 percent to 168 in April (read: still a ton). The other monthly totals are 222 killings in January, 229 in February, and 183 in March. On the year, that gives Juárez 802 murders, which is a pace of 2,400. That would be a huge decline from last year's 3,900 or so. However, the figures always seem to get revised upward retroactively, so we can't count chickens just yet.


John said...

Thanks for a great Blog. We check it almost every day. The numbers re the murders on the Noticias Juarez site are a little skewed from yours but the January figures are way off. Possibly a typo.

This is the site I use.

pc said...

Oh thanks for the heads up--that was indeed a typo, and a bad one. Thanks for reading.

John said...

No hay ninguna problema. :)