Monday, May 23, 2011

Tough Sell

Santiago Creel, one of the best known panistas in Mexico for more than a decade now, says he is the candidate of change. He definitely is not one of Calderón's inner circle, but it's hard to see that argument sticking among the average voters. Especially with the relative absence of policy hot buttons in Mexico.


malcolm said...

gonna be even harder to win internally in the PAN by proposing any change in the current strategies. the PAN as a party is tied to what Calderon put into effect, if Creel wants to veer from that he'll find himself short of allies come internal voting time.

pc said...

agreed although as I think about it, the absence of policy hot buttons (outside of security) could potentially actually help him thread the needle in that regard, because its easy to call yourself the candidate of change and thus appeal to the mean voter without advocating anything major that's new and reminding PAN voters, who would be more likely to look at policy specifics, that nothing serious would change.