Monday, May 23, 2011

Asymmetric Admiration

Ana María Salazar seems to be writing about El Equipo, though she never mentions it:
Everybody seems to know the marines, and some fanatics even know their motto: semper fidelis. How many Mexicans know what Cisen is? But, of course, there are few Mexicans who don't know what the CIA or DEA is.

But what abut the Mexicans who on a daily basis train and risk their lives on missions as dangerous, though not as glamorous, as those of their neighbors to the north?

The lack of awareness of the common citizen coupled with the cumulative effect of the negative news --much of it, sadly, true-- about the security and defense forces, are the only points of reference for them. We don't know who it is who watches over us, but we admire those who maintain the security in the US.

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