Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On Cordero's Unveiling

Leo Zuckermann has some comments on the Cordero candidacy:

There are some very important days ahead for the recently "unveiled". He will have to make his "society debut". Make himself known quickly and convince people that he can be a viable candidate to compete against Peña Nieto and López Obrador who will be on the ballot the next presidential election. The first people he must convince, of course, are his fellow panistas who are the ones who will ultimately choose, as they did six years ago, their presidential candidate.

At this point the question is who will compete with Cordero inside the PAN. I don't see Creel or Vázquez Mota renouncing their aspirations for 2012. The question is, now that Cordero has been unveiled, which demonstrates that he has the support of many figures in the PAN, what will the other calderonista candidates (Lozano and Lujambio) do: will they bail out of the race so as to hop on the Cordero bandwagon or will they continue in the race?

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