Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Disunity Is Not the Biggest Problem

Carlos Loret de Mola says that, after a divided PAN's failure to unite behind a gubernatorial candidate in Aguascalientes and subsequent loss of a state it had governed for 12 years, the party should be very careful to make sure that the competing ambitions of José Ángel Córdova and Miguel Márquez don't ruin any chance of holding on to Guanajuato, a longtime PAN stronghold.

There's some truth to that, but I think a lesson of the last couple of years in Mexico is that candidates matter. To take but two examples (and there are many more) the PRI was punished for ignoring Ángel Aguirre in Guerrero, while it will be rewarded for tabbing Ávila instead of Alfredo del Mazo in Mexico State. It would be a mistake for the PAN, especially with the Yunque not being an ascendant movement, to think that embracing a weaker candidate (Márquez) for the sake of unity is a recipe for success.

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