Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silly Governance in Sinaloa

This is just a total game-change in Sinaloan security:
The governor of Sinaloa, Mario López Valdez, decreed a reform in the standards of inspection and regulation of alcohol licensing in which the broadcast of songs that discuss organized crime and concerts of artists from that realm will be prohibited in bars, cantinas, nighclubs, and banquet halls.

The establishments that do not follow this criteria will lose their permits and licenses for the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Banning narcocorridos necessarily imposes a cost on the society in terms of free expression. That could be justified in certain circumstances, but what is the threat to society that is being addressed here? How is the combat of organized crimes being advanced in any meaningful way by the prohibition of narcocorridos? This all negative, no positive. Malova is presumably just doing it for political rather than policy reasons, but it's stupid policy nonetheless.

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