Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jesús Corona's Lack of Learning and Its Consequences

Cruz Azul keeper Jesús Corona is believed by many to be Mexico's best active goalie, yet the guy has a bit of a problem with violence. Beating the hell out of a guy in a street fight last year basically cost him his chance to be on a World Cup team for whom he probably would have started. Bummer. He later said that being tossed from the team was a good lesson that would serve him well in the long run.

With Javier Aguirre replaced by Chepo de la Torre as the boss of the Tri and with the Gold Cup set to start later this summer, Corona was poised for a comeback. He was named to the final squad and again looked like a decent bet to be the starter (though not as much as last year, when Ochoa was beset by a bad case of the yips). Then he did this on Sunday, in the semifinals of La Liguilla, with his team moments way from elimination at the hands of Morelia.

Now he's off the team again, with de la Torre saying:
"The athletic part is important, very important, lifting trophies, winning cups, but the example for the fans, for the young people also is..."
Breaking out the role model stick. Ouch. The president also got into the act, saying with regard to climate change,
"The earth can also heat up, just like Cruz Azul-Morelia".
Calderón make funny!

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