Friday, May 20, 2011

No Thanks

San Fernando's mayor says that militarizing his town is unnecessary:
"There is no reason to go so far; there is insecurity in San Fernando, but other cities in Tamaulipas and the country also suffer from it", he said.

He revealed that there is fear and threats that crops are stolen; nevertheless, nothing has happened, which is why he dismisses the [arrival of the army] as unviable, above all in his municipality.

He said he had confidence in the actions carried out by the governor regarding security, emphasizing that there exists a commitment to offer protection and vigilance as was the case during Holy Week.

"Security will be reinforced, and Governor Egidio Torre alread said that, there will be a security deployment, but to go to the extent of militarizing the warehouses is not an option," said Mayor Tomás Gloria Requena.
Such a response is rather unusual; usually when local authorities are overwhelmed, the first thing they do is request as many federal troops as the government can send. In this case, it's also ridiculous; the mayor is not saying military deployments are ineffective, which would be worth debating, but is saying insecurity in San Fernando, site of two mass discoveries of cadavers in less than eight months, isn't that bad. If San Fernando hasn't reached the threshold of chaos necessary to make a federal troop deployment a good idea, God help the cities that have.

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Seymour T said...

And you still have not realized these guys are supported by the bad guys and the bad guys would much rather the good guys (Marinos)not be there. You should see this area it is abandon. I have been going that route for 50 years and there was always work in progress, now it is going the other way as people close and leave. It is sad