Thursday, June 3, 2010


One mustn't make too much of victories in pre-World Cup friendlies, but a dominating 2-1 victory over the defending champs after the final 23 have been named is a huge confidence booster for the Mexican side. Italy played quite poorly, and Mexico still has major issues converting their chances (as good as Javier Hernández looks at times, he turns into Greg Ostertag when trying to strike low crosses), but on paper this is a tougher game than any Mexico will face in the first round.


jd said...

In the context of grace while shooting, after watching this year's playoffs I'm not sure that Greg Ostertag shouldn't be replaced by Dwight Howard. At least Ostertag had the excuse of his general lack of athleticism.

pc said...

Yeah that's actually much more apt, Ostertag is just an oaf, but Howard like Hernandez is a great athlete with a huge gap in his coordination.

I like Boston in six. Kobe's finishing his career with four titles.