Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Race between Candidates, Polls in Puebla

Because of the singularly reprehensible nature of Mario Marín's administration in Puebla, and because it was one of the first states where a PRD-PAN alliance was hammered out, the state is in many ways ground-zero for stopping a PRI sweep in next month's gubernatorial races. Leo Zuckermann points out that the polls are wildly differing, with Mitofsky surveying a 15-point PRI lead, while Ipsos shows a one-point edge for the PAN candidate. Which leads him to conclude:
I don't have a problem with the publication of polls paid for by the parties. But I do think that the publication should be as transparent as possible for the good of the public-opinion polling industry. We should know who paid for the polls so that their cost is accounted for as a campaign expense. And so that when there is such a clear a discrepancy in the results, there is an explanation of what happened.

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