Thursday, March 3, 2011

Turning Point

For the first time in Calderón's presidency, security problems weigh more heavily on the mind of Mexicans than do economic problems according to the most recent Mitofsky poll, by a tally of 50 to 47 percent. Just one year ago, the same poll went 69-25 in favor of economic worries.


David said...

Is it possible the recent economic improvements are actually being noticed - and not just talked up by Calderón and his government? Some pollsters have told me that economic worries always will surpass security concerns in public opinion surveys. Perhaps the economy isn't such a worry for many people.

Of course, it is possible that the geographic reach of the insecurity (now impacting places such as San Luis Potosi and Guadalajara, to name two places) is changing perceptions, too.

pc said...

Yeah I think that's definitely a big part of it. Odd that the same phenomenon wouldn't show up so strongly in perceptions of the economy, but nonetheless, I think that the improved economy is starting to weigh more heavily. Combined with the worsening security climate, it's almost a surprise we haven't seen a similar inflection point sooner.