Saturday, March 5, 2011

Anti-Corruption Bill

Felipe Calderón launched a new proposal this week:
Punishment of the businesses that bribe public officials or that act in a fraudulent manner in bidding, in addition to paid reward to those who reveal illegal acts that damage the national patrimony, are part of the strategy launched yesterday by President Felipe Calderón to combat corruption in public administration.

"Whoever offers cash or benefits is as guilty as he who receives money", the president said upon announcing the Federal Anti-Corruption Law in Public Contracting. "We must punish not only those who are corrupted, but also those who corrupt", he added.
The plan would penalize those caught with paying kickbacks on proposals with fines worth 30 percent of the contract. In the course of the announcement ceremony, Civil Functions Secretary Salvador Vega said that 1,778 were charged with acts of corruption, an all-time record.

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