Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dirtbag Sentenced to Prison; Non-Dirtbags Celebrate

Child pornographer Jean Succar Kuri, who was linked to former Puebla Governor Mario Marín in one of the most distasteful episodes of official corruption in one of the most distastefully corrupt administrations in modern Mexico, has been sentenced to 13 years in prison in Quintana Roo. Somehow, the story linked above from Excélsior manages to avoid mentioning Marín, something I wouldn't have thought physically possible, but the author proved me wrong. Also, I know his case was a complicated one, but Succar Kuri has been in a Mexican prison since 2006; why is just getting sentenced now?


malcolm said...

I think they can't mention marin in these stories for legal reasons (rightly so). He's not implicated in child pornography etc, so to connect him to Succar Kuri in stories about the conviction and proven offenses would be misleading and possibly defamatory.

pc said...

Yeah that makes some sense, but some of the reports have mentioned him, right? Or maybe just the more fringe online sights like sdp. Also, the previous reporting on it is extensive a matter of public record. You couldn't refer to Cacho's reporting with something like, "Cacho alleged..." without getting yourself into trouble? I understand what you're saying about Marin not being personally connected (as far as we know, anyway) to child pornography, but at the same time the connection to Marin is the biggest reason so many people care about the case; to ignore it altogether leaves a pretty gaping contextual hole.