Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diagnosing the Left's Problems

After mentioning the evolution of other nation's leftist parties, Leonardo Curzio writes:
The left is arrogant not because it is powerful, as with the PAN and the PRI, but rather because it doesn't believe in self-criticism and it distrusts outside voices that point to weaknesses. It adopts a sort of (self-conferred) moral superiority because they defend a vague gospel of defense of the least fortunate and from that position they give themselves the luxury of suspicion of all those who don't applaud them. They are so arrogant that they give themselves the right to ignore what is happening in the world and defend fossilized dictatorships or lost causes. Like Olympians, they can do without debate following the crisis in 2008 and continue defending state monopolies with all the outrage of those who defend the temple of sovereignty and at the same time don't trust the government in the role of issuer of identity cards.
He also knocks the PRD for bouncing between playing by the institutional rules and embracing extralegal actions.

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