Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pearls from Juanito

The ongoing coming-out party of Juanito, the eccentric temporary borough chief in Iztapalapa acting on the orders of AMLO who wished in vain to become the permanent borough chief acting of his own will, as a priísta delivered a couple of memorable lines in this piece:
I'm not looking for any position next year, what I want is to recover Iztapalapa because they made me sign a leave of absence through the kidnapping of my sisters.
[T]he mafia of Andrés Manuel López Obrador that pushed Clara Brugada and Marcelo Ebrard, which also belongs to the PRD and the PT, is who has mocked of the Mexican people.
That last bit sounds not entirely unlike his old patron, though of course with the roles somewhat reversed.

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