Thursday, March 17, 2011

More on the Drones

The American drones flying in Mexico have been doing so since 2009, according to El Universal, and not just in response to the killing of Jaime Zapata, as the original Times piece indicated. Patricia Espinosa has an appearance before the Senate today where she will likely get treated like one of the edibles at a carne asada. I think the best argument would be to point to results, assuming there are some and you don't compromise future operations by doing so. Something along the lines of, "Yeah, pinches gringos are nosy as can be, but we caught Beltrán Leyva and Tony Tormenta and Nacho Coronel thanks to this program", would make for a powerful argument.


boz said...

You know what would be more powerful than saying it? Getting some UAV video footage of one of those guys and showing it to the Congress (with the media there). That would be fun times.

pc said...

Yeah that would be pretty cool. I wonder how that would go over with the rest of the population? I kind of think most would be enthralled, ie Americans in 1991 seeing smartbomb footage for the first time.