Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mike Tyson on Mexican Security

The youngest heavyweight champion in history on Mexico's security challenges:
What can you do? We have that here too. What can you do when a newspaper, the people that are supposed to take our mind toward the truth, you tell us that "this is a corrupt country", that such-and-such country is corrupt, that the problems are based on criminal gangs in Mexico, when this is the only thing that you hear about a country in the rest of the world? How can we expect any type of relief for anyone? That's the stigma that there is with Mexico right now. I don't think it's like that, but that's the stigma...[he looks around] Right people? Does Mexico really seem like a lost cause? [Silence] Everything is supposed to be corrupt, right? [More silence] That's the message that gets to us and it could be wrong. I don't think it's true.
This was actually pretty nuanced and perceptive from Iron Mike. It's also interesting that upon scoring an interview with Mike Tyson, a former boxer in the news today because of his new show about pigeons, the Milenio correspondent would think to even ask him about rising violence in Mexico.


jd said...

Agreed - but think you can safely remove the word "actually" as it's no surprise at all to see Iron Mike say something thoughtful. Say what you will about his in-ring culinary habits, the guy is fucking amazingly thoughtful and articulate for someone with his life story. I haven't see the pigeon show yet but "Tyson" was just amazing.

pc said...

That's true, Mike usually has interesting things to say. Check out the piece on him last week on by Kieran Mulvaney for lots of examples of that, including philosophical observations on the length of a life against the sweep of time. I guess I was surprised about it given the context, though I probably shouldn't have been.