Thursday, March 10, 2011

More of Pascual on Calderón

This story can only further lower Carlos Pascual's popularity in Los Pinos:
"The opposition PRI is on the rise, carefully managing their unity in an effort to dominate the ten gubernatorial elections next year, and to avoid any error that could endanger their status as the leader in the presidential race of 2012," wrote Pascual, in a cable directed to the State Department of his country.

"The prospects for the PAN are grim and Calderón appears at times to be worried and insecure about the best way to reinforce the opportunities for his party. He is convinced that a dramatic success in the struggle against organized crime groups will give him a political boost, an argument that to a certain extent explains his interest in deepening our cooperation in the Mérida Initiative and increasing the fight along the border," he wrote.
Pretty good analysis, though.

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