Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where Chapo Roams

Tabasco Governor Andrés Granier says that Chapo operates in his state, which is a bit odd, because you don't usually see much about Sinaloa people in the southeastern part of the nation. Though with all the turmoil in recent years, including the fighting between the groups that you usually do see in that part of the country (the Gulf and the Zetas), it wouldn't be a shocker if others moved in.


malcolm said...

actually tabasco and yucatan were traditionally Sinaloa turf. (gulf stopped at Veracruz). it's been shaken up over the past few years but i think they always maintained some sort of presence.

pc said...

I'm gonna guess that you know this a lot more intimately than I, but it just seems like we've heard a lot more about the Zetas in the southeast than anyone else over the past couple of years. Even in the peninsula, though not so much Tabasco.