Friday, March 4, 2011

Moreira Arrives, Schettino Opines

In honor of Humberto Moreira's formal ascension to the PRI throne, Macario Schettino writes:
The PRI, which today has a birthday and is changing its leader, a party created from the state, that swallowed practically all the ideological options imaginable, maintained that internal diversity, despite the hegemony that the group of Carlos Salinas achieved for a few years.

The definitive defeat of the regime in 1997 ended the presidency as we had known it, and i tleft the PRI without a referee that allowed it to maintain that great internal diversity under control. A party that aspires to contain so much diversity is compatible with democracy, and, as a consequence, the PRI transformed into an alliance of modernizers and traditionalists unable to win the presidency.
He goes on to call for a tripartite liberal coalition as the path toward needed structural reforms, which sounds like a tricky proposition, although he writes with an optimism you don't often seen in the opinion pages:
As was mentioned here a few weeks ago, we are almost at the point of achieving the change in direction for the country: labor, competition, fiscal and political reforms are decreasingly imaginary. The interim, that period in which the past and the future mixed in a confused manner, is arriving at its end.
I hope he's right.

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